CFPB | Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

The Consumer Finance Protection Bureau (CFPB) was established to give consumers the information they need to understand agreements with financial institutions and protect them from unfair and deceptive practices. Maintaining best compliance practices are a top priority at Ticor, and we work diligently to stay updated with the latest news and changes from the CFPB. New CFPB regulation go into effect on August 1, 2015.

Know before you close.

Track your spending with this easy tool

Posted:Tuesday June 11, 2019

Break down your daily spending habits and identify areas where you can reduce your expenses. 

Una herramienta fácil para vigilar sus gastos

Posted:Tuesday June 11, 2019

Al revisar sus hábitos de gastos diarios, usted puede identificar dónde reducirlos o descubrir servicios que paga, que no usa y que podría eliminar.

Budgeting: How to create a budget and stick with it

Posted:Wednesday June 05, 2019

Making and sticking to a budget is a key step towards getting a handle on your debt and planning for the future.

Cómo hacer un presupuesto y mantenerse en él

Posted:Wednesday June 05, 2019

Hacer un presupuesto y luego mantenerse en él, es un paso clave para echarle mano a su deuda y planear para el futuro.

Mortgage Closing Scams: How to protect yourself and your closing funds

Posted:Monday June 03, 2019

Scammers are taking advantage of eager homebuyers. Beware of emails with last-minute changes to your payment or wire instructions. Follow a few easy steps to protect yourself and your life savings.

New report explores when consumers apply for credit cards as their credit scores change

Posted:Thursday May 30, 2019

The ability of consumers to access various types of credit can be affected by their credit scores, as many lenders require a minimum credit score before credit will be extended. This report finds that consumers with lower credit scores may strategically time their applications for credit around peaks and troughs in their scores.  

Fight zombies and time travel – this is not how your parents learned about money

Posted:Thursday May 23, 2019

Fight zombies, time travel, and become a secret agent – this is not how your parents learned about money!

Spring 2019 rulemaking agenda

Posted:Wednesday May 22, 2019

The semiannual update of our rulemaking agenda.

Servicemembers exhibit higher levels of financial well-being than the U.S. population overall

Posted:Tuesday May 21, 2019

New report from the Department of Defense highlights the financial well-being of servicemembers.

Asian Pacific American Heritage Month: Help the multilingual communities you serve

Posted:Thursday May 16, 2019

We provide clear and consistent financial information for consumer with limited English skills.

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